Thermal Xtreme Spray Booth

The Thermal Xtreme utilizes AFC’s double row, 6’ wide exhaust pit to create a superior painting environment.

Integral Unit

The AUTO THERMAL XTREME insulated spray booth and heat system is an integral unit that forms a superior environment for spray painting and curing. The 3 1/2″ insulated walls provide a quiet working environment while being energy efficient.

Increased Productivity

The AUTO THERMAL XTREME spray booth combines the essentially turbulence-free down flow principle of the spray booth with the efficiency of a direct fired heater to form a superior environment for spray painting and curing.

The AFC AUTO THERMAL XTREME spray booth is designed to increase productivity by providing a reliable and trouble free system. A user-friendly control panel cycles the booth through the bake cycle without operator intervention. The timer and the temperature controller are easily set to control booth temperature. This spray booth comes complete with an AMS1000EC heating system that has a variable speed make-up fan for minute heating adjustments.

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(STANDARD ELEVATION SPECIFICATION The following information pertains only to the standard Thermal Xtreme Spray Booth. Specific booths may vary depending on the specific needs of the individual shop owners.)


Standard Models

  • DDATE2412: Solid Back
  • DDATE2412DT: Drive-thru


  • Outside: 15’4” wide x 11’10” high x 24’6” deep
  • Inside: 14’0” wide x 10’0” high x 24’0” deep
  • Drive-in doors: 10’0” wide x 8’0” high
  • Access Door: 3’0” wide x 7’0” high


  • Pre-filter: PF2050 with internal self-supporting frame
  • Intake: AFC Laminar III full ceiling filter bank
  • Exhaust: AFC paint arrestors, 20″ x 24′ rolled media


  • 12 – 4-tube, color-corrected T8 fluorescent fixtures


  • Exhaust: 1 – 34″ tube-axial fan with non-sparking blades
  • Intake: 1 – 34″ tube-axial fan with non-sparking blades


  • Exhaust: 1 – 3hp, 208/230/460VAC, OTDP
  • Intake: 1 – 5hp, 208/230/460VAC, OTDP

Air Flow

  • Up to 14,000 CFM of turbulence-free filtered air.

Heat System

  • AMS1000C with 1.075 MBTU burner and fully automated control panel

Wall Panels

  • 18-gauge galvanized steel, double wall insulated, powder coated


  • Bi-fold swing doors equipped with sturdy hinges and secured at top and bottom with locking device to ensure a complete seal.

Basement (if equipped)

  • Proprietary design as integral part of exhaust system with grating covering for filter area

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