SDD Xtreme Spray Booth

The SDD Xtreme does not require a pit or basement and may be installed on your existing shop floor.

No Pit or Basement Required

The SDD XTREME spray booth eliminates the need for a pit or basement where construction of this type is not possible and where a raised floor cannot be used due to other limitations such as overhead clearance.

SDDX Interior

Customization Options

The SDD XTREME spray booth introduces fresh filtered air evenly over the ceiling of the booth above the vehicle. The air flows smoothly down the sides of the vehicle and then is drawn away from the vehicle toward the walls near the floor. It then passes through the exhaust paint arrestors in the walls where the overspray is trapped and the air is then exhausted through the walls and dispersed into the atmosphere.

For increased thru-put, and also for use with newer spray paints and coatings, the SDD XTREME spray booth comes complete with the DFM800R heat system and a user-friendly and fully automated control panel which cycles the booth through the entire Flash, Cure, and Cool cycles without operator intervention.

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Standard Models

  • SDDX2418: Solid Back
  • SDDX2418DT: Drive-thru


  • Outside: 15’8” wide x 10’10” high x 24’6” deep
  • Inside: 14’0” wide x 9’0” high x 24’0” deep
  • Drive-in doors: 10’0″wide x 8’0″high
  • Access Door: 3’0″wide x 7’0″high


  • Pre-filter: PF2050 with internal self-supporting frame
  • Intake: AFC Laminar III full ceiling filter bank
  • Exhaust: AFC paint arrestors, 20” x 20” pads


  • 18 – 4-tube, color-corrected T8 fluorescent fixtures


  • Exhaust: 2 – 24” tube-axial fan with non-sparking blades
  • Intake: 1 – 34″ tube-axial fan with non-sparking blades


  • Exhaust: 2 – 2hp, 208/230/460VAC, OTDP
  • Intake: 1 – 5hp, 208/230/460VAC, OTDP

Air Flow

  • Up to 14,000 CFM of turbulence-free filtered air.

Heat System

  • DFM800R with 1.075 MBTU burner and fully automated control panel

Wall Panels

  • 18-gauge galvanized steel, double wall, powder coated


  • Bi-fold swing doors equipped with sturdy hinges and secured at top and bottom with locking device to ensure a complete seal.

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