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Double Row Downflo Truck Spray Booth

Based on the same engineering and design principles as our automotive downdraft paint booths for a complete truck paint facility.

Painting Facility

The Custom Aire DOUBLE ROW DOWNFLO TRUCK spray booth provides a complete painting facility for trucks based on the same engineering principles as our DOWNFLO AUTO BOOTH. Filtered air is introduced evenly over the ceiling of the booth and is drawn smoothly down the sides of the truck and through the grating that makes up most of the floor of the booth.

Double Row Downflo Truck Spray Booth

The pit is designed to provide maximum air flow in the booth and is covered with two rows of grating, one on each side of the vehicle. Constructed of 18GA galvanized steel, the booth is easily assembled by following AFC supplied instructions and blueprints.

The Custom Aire DOUBLE ROW DOWNFLO TRUCK spray booth comes in two standard models (TDF or Truck DownFlo and TDF/DT or Truck DownFlo Drive-thru) and is also available in custom sizes to fit specialized needs. Consult AFC for further information and pricing.


Options shown include Turbo Cure System, personnel lifts, white powder coating, and roll-up doors.




  • Inside: 16’0″wide x 16’0″high x 44’0″long
  • Outside: 17’4″wide x 18’2″high x 44’4″long
  • Door: 11’0″wide x 14’0″high
  • Contact AFC for custom sizes and configurations.


  • 2 – 34″ diameter tube-axial fan with variable pitch, non-sparking blades
  • 2 – 3HP open type motor for operation on 208/230/460 VAC, 60Hz, 1 or 3 phase
  • One complete set of Laminar III air supply filters and one set of exhaust arrestors
  • Fluorescent light fixtures with clear tempered glass with tubes
  • 3’0″ x 7’0″ personnel access door with observation window
  • 24 feet of exhaust stack, 2 roof jacks, and 2 upflow caps
  • Door limit switches and air valve
  • Painter’s work station
  • Manometer to monitor porosity of arrestors
  • Installation hardware, caulking, and door gaskets
  • Blueprints and assembly instructions

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