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Work Stations

Custom Aire Work Stations provide an excellent method for controlling dust from spreading through the shop while the vehicles are being prepared for painting.

Debris Removal

Air is drawn down the sides of the vehicle, carrying dust and debris away from the face of the operator providing a safer work environment. It then passes through grating in the floor where it is trapped in the exhaust filters.

Custom Aire Work Stations

Fabricated from 18GA galvanized steel

The air is then routed in one of two ways. During cold weather, the exhaust damper is closed and the air is circulated into an overhead plenum where it passes through the air supply filters and back over the vehicle. This method prevents loss of heated shop air, providing cost savings. During warm weather, the damper is opened and the air removed from the base is exhausted to the outside.

The Custom Aire WORK STATIONS are fabricated from 18GA galvanized steel and are designed to be used with either a raised floor or with a pit or basement.

For raised floor installations

Model Number: AWS2400
Dimension: 14’0″wide x 12’6″high x 24’0″deep

For in-floor installations (pit)
Model Number: AWS2402
Dimension: 14’0″wide x 10’6″high x 24’0″deep

The Custom Aire WORK STATIONS come complete with:

  • 1 – 34″ diameter tube-axial fan with variable pitch, non-sparking blades
  • 1 – 5HP open type motor for operation on 208/230/460 VAC, 60Hz, 1 or 3 phase
  • All filters, paint arrestors and grids
  • Installation hardware, blueprints, and assembly instructions

Available options include: lights, curtains and powder coating.

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