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Prep Benches

Custom Aire Prep Benches offer a cost effective alternative to our AFC Work Stations.

They provide a lower cost way to have excellent dust control without compromise in quality or efficiency.

Cost Effective

The PB-100 and PB-200 series Custom Aire PREPBENCHES offer a cost effective alternative to our workstations. They provide a lower cost way to have excellent dust controlwithout compromise in quality or efficiency.

Three-stage re-circulating filtering process

hese prep benches achieve their effectiveness by utilizing a three-stage re-circulating filtering process. The filtered air flows from the overhead plenum across the vehicle being prepared and is drawn through the arrestors in the base of the exhaust stack, where the dust and debris from the prepping operation are trapped. A second set of filters then removes further particulate before the air is dispersed.

Following this two stage filtering process, the air can be returned to the shop by proper setting of the damper system, thereby preventing loss of shop heat in cool weather. This air is sent through the overhead plenum and filtered a third time before it returns to the finishing area. The alternate setting of the damper allows the air to be exhausted to the atmosphere.

The PB-100 and PB-200 Custom Aire PREP BENCHES are fabricated from 18GA galvanized steel on a one inch tubular steel chassis. The air is moved by a 34″ diameter tube-axial fan with variable pitch, non-sparking blades at an air-flow rate of 14,000 CFM. Service of the filters can be done from the front, with easy access to the secondary filtration area through two large self-closing doors. Options are available and include powder coating, curtains, and lights.

DIMENSIONS: 10’0″wide x 13’4″high x 15’2″deep
DIMENSIONS: 35’0″wide x 13’4″high x 10’0″deep

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