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Industrial Ovens

Most AFC ovens are pre-assembled and factory tested, which results in minimum installation cost and uniform temperature throughout the oven.

Powder Coating Ovens

All ovens are built to NFPA 86 standards and comply with OSHA requirements and national electric codes. Floors are constructed from 1/4″ steel plate and are provided with cart/track slots and floor ducts. Custom sizes and applications are always welcomed at AFC. Our powder coating systems include powder coating ovens, industrial curing ovens, paint booth and spray booth.

Construction Features

The aluminized steel interior and powder coated exterior yield a beautiful piece of equipment. Utilizing nine pounds per cubic foot of mineral wool insulation and 4″ interlocking wall panels, each oven is built with safety and durability in mind. Modulating Power Flame burners are coupled with heavy duty, high temperature, re-circulating blowers for many hours of trouble free production. Each powder coating oven features double doors with high temperature gaskets, heavy duty ball bearing hinges, and pressure release latches.

Safety Features Powder Coating Finishing Systems

AFC’s totally integrated control systems ensure safe operation by utilizing industrial quality electronic components. These components control the exhaust fan, purge cycle, oven temperature, and gas pressure.

Optional equipment

Double doors at both ends or conveyor openings may be ordered to accommodate production flow.

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