Paint Solutions

AFC Finishing Systems can meet the needs of your auto body shop or industrial application.

With over 50 years of experience, you can depend on AFC to provide durable, reliable equipment at competitive prices; built to meet the specific needs of your business.

Quadraft Automotive Spray Booth

The revolutionary QUADRAFT spray booth was specifically designed to create virtually turbulence-free airflow throughout the booth without loss of airflow volume.

Xtreme Series Downflo Automotive Spray Booths

AFC offers a full line of highly performing insulated downdraft spray booths called the Xtreme Series.

Single Wall Downflo Automotive Spray Booths

AFC single wall downdraft spray booths are designed with performance in mind and at a great price. Available in galvanized or powder coated finish.

Crossflow Automotive

Crossflo Automotive Spray Booths

AFC cross draft spray booths are designed to provide a quality paint booth at an lower price point. Available in galvanized or powder coated finish.

Truck Spray Booths

Truck Spray Booths

AFC has options ranging from crossflows to full downdrafts in sizes large enough for truck and industrial applications. We can pair with pneumatic lifts and meet the specific requirements of your project.

Paint booth header

Industrial Spray Booths

AFC Finishing Systems manufactures a wide variety of spray booths for high solids,waterborne and electrostatic applications.


Industrial Ovens

Most AFC ovens are pre-assembled and factory tested, which results in minimum installation cost and uniform temperature throughout.

Industrial Liquid Coating Products

AFC can meet your production needs with turnkey projects. Continuous or batch systems can be custom designed for your production requirements.


Air Make-Up Units

AFC offers a full range of air make up solutions to pressurize your paint booth and provide precise temperature control.

Prep Stations

Prep Stations

AFC has options to meet all of your prepping, sanding and limited spray requirements.

Paint Mixing Rooms

Paint Mixing Rooms

The Custom Aire Paint Mixing Room provides the ideal environment for storing, mixing and matching paint.

Other Products

AFC has a full line up of parts style booths to fit your needs, budget and shop layout.