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Power Shield System

AFC's POWER SHIELD System provides significant cost savings by decreasing energy consumption and cure times.

AFC’s Power Shield System provides significant cost savings by decreasing energy consumption and increasing throughput. After a pre-set, user-defined delay from release of spray gun trigger, the spray booth falls into econo mode. Once in econo mode, spray booth airflow is reduced to 65% of normal paint mode airflow, which greatly reduces energy consumption.

Auto balance

This system also allows for auto balance, which automatically adjusts the speed of the exhaust fan(s) to match the intake airflow and ensure the balance of airflow in the spray booth at all times. The speed of the exhaust fan(s) will be reduced during econo mode and increased slowly over time during paint mode to compensate for loading paint arrestors, resulting in longer filter life and cleaner paint jobs.

Strategically mounted fans

The system comes complete with AFC’s Turbo Cure Air Auxiliary Movement System, which includes fans mounted strategically around the perimeter of the spraybooth cabin, used to “turbulate” the air during flash-off and/or cure cycle. The Turbo Cure System reduces cure times of both waterborne and solvent-based paints by up to 35% resulting in decreased energy costs and increased productivity.


  • Damper-free system eliminates potential maintenance issues.
  • Airflow is automatically adjusted with no operator intervention required.
  • Sixty five percent reductions in airflow while in econo mode (compared to competition’s 50%) provides greater potential energy savings.
  • Auto Balance function helps keep equipment compliant with new EPA national emission standards for hazardous air pollutants (40CFR, Part 63).

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