Fresh air make-up system designed for balancing the air pressure inside spray booths. This system has no heating and is used to provide positive pressure to new or existing spray booths only.

The AMS000 Fresh Air Make-up System has no heat. The main purpose of this air make-up system is to provide positive pressure to spray booths. A negative pressure spray booth (booth with only exhaust system) will pull dirt and dust particles into the spray booth through the doors or other openings that were not properly sealed. The AMS000 provides a positive pressure inside the spray booth thus pushing dirt and dust particles out of the booth and providing you with a much cleaner job.

This is a configurable system that can be customized to fit any spray booth system. Shown at left is the standard system for use with one of our standard auto booths. Specific system may vary slightly from what is shown. Please contact us for more information.

Drawings of Standard AMS000, Fresh Air Make-up System: