AFC’s Turbo Cure System

This new system utilizes four fans mounted in the upper four corners of the spray booth, which circulate air in the booth during the cure.

Turbo Cure System by AFC

AFC Finishing Systems is pleased to introduce the new Turbo Cure System in response to today’s changing paint technologies, specifically the use of waterborne coatings.

  • System consists of four (optional six) 18″ fans
  • “Turbulation” of air reduces cure times by up to 35%
  • Perfect for use with waterborne coatings
  • Standard equipment on the Quadraft Spray Booth

The Turbo Cure System utilizes four fans mounted in the upper four corners (optional sides) of the spray booth to “turbulate” the air during the cure cycle. This agitation of air inside the spray booth increases the rate in which the heat from the air stream is transferred to the object being painted, decreasing overall cure times by up to 35%.

The Turbo Cure fans are 18″, 3 blade, run-balanced mill finish aluminum propellers, which generate up to 1,875 CFM each. The system comes as standard equipment in the Quadraft Spray Booth and can be added to any booth with a cure cycle.